I grew up on the beach.

My mom had summer rental cottages at the shore, where we worked and lived.  Accommodations were spare but from the front door step the vista was limitless.  The sound of surf was always in the background.

My dad was a scuba diver at a time when the sport was new and dangerous.  He introduced me to diving when I was eight – outfitted me with a home made wetsuit and child-sized scuba tank .  For a few summers I spent all my spare time in the water.  I would find places to  sit quietly on the ocean floor, nestled into the seaweed, observing the fish and conserving my air as long as I could.

In college I realized what I wanted.  I had been studying business but it was a life destined to be lived inside – I left it behind.  Traveling the coast of Maine I found a piece of waterfront which I could afford, built a camp, and bought a boat.  I set out to learn the trades that would allow me to live and work on the water.

Commercial fishing has taken me places I never dreamed I’d go, both in experience and in thought.  The thread woven through my life has been a love of the ocean environment.  Now I want to talk to people who feel as I do.  John on board

We imagine ourselves as terrestrial beings.  But standing on the beach looking out to sea, you glimpse the edge of a larger world.  This is a water planet.  Ocean governs our lives.  As living things, we carry little bits of ocean chemistry walking on land.

There are people out there, a sub-set of population, who have an ocean vision.  I am using this new medium, web networking, to reach out. Blogging is a little embarrassing for a taciturn old Yankee.  I’m not doing this to hear myself talk – I’m trying to solicit a response.  I want to meet you and learn about your ocean experience.

Please use this website.  Let’s find out who we are.